3 Best Python Meetups in Seattle

This article focuses on the popular programing language, Python and its use among programmers. If you are looking to learn more about Python and several Python meetups in the Seattle area, we invite you to sit back relax and enjoy this article as we take you through a brief synopsis of what this program is all about.

Python is a fast and simple programming language that was created by Guido Van Rossum. It was first released in 1991. Python can be used for mathematics, system scripting, developing web applications, websites, software development and desktop Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications. It can also be used to create workflows, rapid prototyping and can be used to connect to databases.

Why Python?

According to the latest Tiobe programming index, Python ranks number 3 in the top popular programming tools in 2019. Python focuses on user readability. Unlike any other programming tool, it has a simple syntax that is easy to comprehend because it uses the English language instead of commas. Its simplicity allows users to express concepts without writing additional codes, as compared to other programming languages. Prototyping with python is very quick. Codes written with Python can also be executed as soon as they are written.

There are several groups dedicated to teaching the concepts of Python in the Seattle area. Below are some of the top rated Python meetups in Seattle that anyone with a yearning to know more about Python can join;

Puget Sound Programming Python aka Puppy

This is a public group that currently has over 8000 members. It is a fun and friendly group dedicated to rapidly grow a talented and diverse community of people from different walks of life. Meetings are held in the Puget Sound region, in Seattle. The mission of this group is to help members increase their understanding of Python programming and help them to achieve their professional goals. During group events, members practice several python programming skills and learn how to interview properly.

Redmond Python

Whether you are a seasoned programmer or beginner this is a public group that is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Python Programming language. Group events are fun and exciting and geared towards sharpening the programming skills and knowledge of members. Members have the opportunity to bring their Python projects to get help from more experienced python developers. Presenters during the events can also showcase their work and new projects to the group.

Seattle Pyladies

With almost 2000 members, Seattle Pyladies is an international mentorship group that is dedicated to providing friendly support to ladies (or those who identify themselves as such), to become skilled developers and leaders in the python community. During group events, members learn several python hacks and present projects. They are currently located in the Puget sound region in the Seattle area. They also welcome men at their meetups (Pyladdie allies). Their mission is to educate and advance a diverse Python community through their events and social gatherings.

These python meetups among several others, have greatly served the public in learning more about python programming. Python is a phenomenon in the world of programming. Several developers have benefited substantially from this programming tool.