6 Android Game Development Tutorials

Angry Birds marked a technological turning point in mobile gaming during the 2010s. The colorful adjustments and brilliant marketability to all ages made it ideal for travel, school, and even work. The industry has grown ever since.

If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, I might be able to make a mobile game too,” you’ve come to the right place. This article teaches you how to make an Android-based game. I also provide some of the most exhaustive resources where self-taught learners and students can start!

Make an Android Game With Unity

Screenshot of How to Make An Android Game With Unity

This tutorial explains how to use the Unity gaming engine to create an android game. You can go onto Google.com and type in unity gaming engine. You will see the home website and an option that says “personal development”. The personal development category is ideal for hobbyists and beginners because it is easy to use and comprehensive. Select the option in the green box that says “install” towards the top of the page. This allows you to download all the items completely instead of separately. No license agreement is needed, but accept the company’s terms to avoid legal issues. Unity’s site will request you choose between 32 bit and 64 bit. Choose the best size according to your phone type and model. You should see a tab that comes up, read as “choose components”. Possibly the most important step, this is where you choose which components you’d like to control the design process. I encourage you to pick Android Build Support because you will not be able to export your game without this set!

The Flying Fish Game App Tutorial

Screenshot of the Flying Fish Android Game Development

This Youtube series presents their own mobile app. Its name is The Flying Fish Game. He teaches you how to use Android Studio, an app that allows you to code creative elements into your game. Similar to unity, this app is comprehensive and free, but some users found the code to be outdated and misleading. He shows you how to change the layout color of a background. This detail will be useful in marketing to people who have visual disabilities. Accommodate for potential players of your game when you use colors. He also suggest that you watch the beginning of his series to follow his process.

The huge takeaway from this tutorial is that a “game over activity shot”. You will learn the steps in creating the iconic game over screen throughout the tutorial. Modify the text you want in the coding line. From there, you can customize this screen as you like. You are equally likely to use Grasshopper to learn coding for free – minus the in app purchases. This app is definitely for beginners looking to get their feet wet. However, the coding system may challenge you a bit if you aren’t familiar with it. If you’re interested in what a beginner game looks like, you can find it in the app store. It currently has an overall rating of 4.8 and 17 reviews. Not too shabby for a novice, right? I certainly think so.


Screenshot of Udemy Android Game Programming

Udemy is one of the leading game development websites in 2019. A few helpful skills you could learn here are learning to code in java, learning basic frameworks for games, how to add sound effects, mock game building, creating animation-styled games, and much more. If you have no prior experience, I highly recommend Udemy for you. You don’t need to be tech savvy to navigate the course – all you need is a computer and to sit back during the lectures. This is great for beginners and veteran developers who need to revisit the fundamentals. Unfortunately, this service is not free. Pricing began at 199$ for the monthly course, but has since been reduced to 11.99$ per course! Some tricks you learn come from renowned technology instructors and students like yourselves.

Android Authority Website

Screenshot of Android Authority

Before, I mentioned that making Android games is a process. What if you just want to get down the conceptual part of development? Then, Android Authority gets right to the point. This site serves more as a library for starting game development. The writers recommend sites such as Android Studio, Unreal, and Unity, but doesn’t add much of its own input. It’s free to anyone, simple, and offers a few insights into brainstorming. Visit to learn more about how to get started!

Android Game Development Tutorial

Screenshot of Android Game Development Tutorial

Similar to The Flying Fish tutorial, another YouTuber invented a how-to series about creating Android games. This is only the first episode in his soon-to-be 2020 series. He talks about common interest of people who want to become developers. He suggests downloading Unity and learning a little bit of code before following his steps. What’s worth mentioning is how he developed a game called “Jungle Run”, a 2-D, side-scroll animated Android game. The colors are simple and it involves this hunter who runs endlessly through the jungle. You collect coins along the way and how fast he runs increases over time. Jungle Run is endearing and not different from other current games out there. Yet, his course promises to teach you how to make a similar style. Again, this a free course since it’s on YouTube. The only investment you make is your time and willingness to grasp new skills. The Unity systems will already be available to you if you’ve downloaded it before. Visit for a more in-depth look into the classes he will make soon. Try it out!

Game Code School

Screenshot of Game Code School Snake Game

Here you learn about copying the preexisting code and make a snake-based game. I recommend it to people who have some coding background, and to a lesser extent, people who are hobbyists. This site is free to use and requires popular extensions like Unity, Android Studio, and others. You can visit their about page to find out where to start.


We’ve covered what types of programs you can install to make simple Android games and which might fit your interests. What’s important is that you have a strong desire to go into this field. I think gaming helps people at different points in their lives. They may find a game to be appealing or that it had a positive influence in their life. Games are meant to be play and enjoyed by every, including the people who make them. The gaming industry is expected to hit over 90 billion dollars in 2020, so now’s a great time to do research. Happy developing!