Review of TeamTreeHouse Python Basics

Are you looking to get into coding, but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for the first steps to get your feet wet in a new field, or, do you already know a programming language but are simply wanting to add to your growing repertoire? Well, then look no further than the Python language.

With it’s elegant and easy to read code and with a very bright future in the industry, learn Python and you’ll be ahead of the curb. As an easy to learn object-oriented language, not only is it a great first language to study but it can help you learn other codes or even enhance your current knowledge base. It is also quite a lucrative addition to your resume, with major companies using it like Google and Disney. Some of your favorite movies use it to enhance their special effects! The averages salaries are very competitive, as well. Many new websites use it now and it can give you a serious advantage in the fields of the future, such as Artificial Intelligence. Really, Python is a language for everyone from the beginner to the professional.

The Python online course at Team Tree House is an excellent way to pick up all the fundamentals of the language. With no prerequisites required to start, you’ll quickly progress from novice to writing code for your own application, in no time at all. In the course, taught by developer Craig Dennis, you’ll study fundamental programming concepts like scripts and syntax, input and output, conditional branching, loops, exception handling and so much more. Along the way you’ll have a hands on experience learning to code with confidence. It’s an exciting way to learn, when you’re not buried nose deep in a textbook, but are actually getting to code your own projects. You’ll get to see first hand how the language looks and feels and you’ll learn from your mistakes along the way. This course is a great way to get your start in coding and to build a foundation in the Python language.

Whether you’re looking to boost your career or just getting started, the Python language is a great place to start. It can lead to many new opportunities in some very exciting jobs. The best part is that the Python Basics course makes it easy to learn Python online and you’ll be on your way to coding faster than you think. So what are you waiting for, check out the course here for more information.